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Voting, Elections and You

February 23, 2016

After eight years in office, 2016 marks the end of Barack Obama’s presidential term. In the 2012 presidential elections, only 45%1 of people ages 18-29 voted. Showing more than half of that age group neglected to take advantage of a right that many people fought for, and many can only dream of.

To brush up on your history, the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allowed men of all races to vote. The 19th Amendment, allowing women to vote, wasn’t ratified until 1920. To guarantee that even poor citizens could vote, the 24th Amendment prohibited local governments from implementing poll taxes. The 26th amendment, making the legal voting age 18, was to ensure that those who could fight for our country could also vote for their leaders.

The El Paso Primary Elections are March 1, and early voting began Feb. 16. Using the new El Paso County Elections Department website you can find out if you’re registered to vote, utilize the integrated geolocation technology to determine your nearest early voting location and find out additional election information.

There are loads of hot topics being discussed by candidates: ISIS, immigration, the refugee crisis and gun control, just to name a few. Research the issues to know where you stand and which candidates have views that are similar to yours.

So take advantage of your right to vote, and be sure to tweet us your ‘I Voted’ sticker!


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