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Digital Marketing for Your Business (Part 3)

February 4, 2016

How consumption can lead to connection

The average person spends more than half1 of their digital media consumption on mobile apps. It comes as no surprise that Facebook is the number one app2 on the list of Top 25 mobile apps in the US. It logged 125.7 million unique visitors over the age of 18, for June 2015. Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest also made the top 25.

This presents your business with a significant number of opportunities to connect and communicate with customers, through social media. However, many business owners find the idea of managing social media accounts to be intimidating or a task they have no time for.

Where connections are created

At Viva + Impulse, we have the resources and creativity to develop and execute social media campaigns, so you don’t have to. Our social media director has successfully implemented campaigns for clients in a variety of industries. You can be as hands-on as you want, providing content and photos, or you can leave it all to us.

So let’s make some noise, the louder the better.


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