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Digital Marketing for Your Business (Part 2)

January 27, 2016

How ineffective websites end in lost sales

Have you ever used your mobile device to buy something online, or find a phone number, and you had to keep pinching and dragging to find what you wanted? That can be incredibly frustrating, and make you want to end your search and find another website or business to call. In fact, nearly 60% of online shoppers1 admit to ending their search if the information they sought was not easily accessed.

The benefit of a responsive website

Each website Viva + Impulse builds is designed to be responsive, meaning it will adjust to a readable size on any phone, tablet or desktop screen. The information your customers seek will be readily available, without having to pinch and drag the page. And as mobile commerce begins to overtake e-commerce2, your responsive website is prepared to take advantage of the new trend.


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